Will there be a default in Russia? Three ways to plug a hole in your family budget

Because of the coronavirus and forced self-imprisonment in apartments, people literally "go" crazy from idleness — they refuse to work! And this is without taking into account the damage that the coronavirus pandemic will do to the economy and the business climate of our entire country. in the foreseeable future. In this article, we will talk about how to protect your family budget in a difficult moment of increased turbulence in the economy. the stock market and the ability of each of us to survive it. Will be is there a default in Russia? 1) a Politically ambitious personhas never before held high office and is constantly criticized for his avidity. Therefore, it would make sense for him to openly discuss his financial goals and ambitious plans. Although in any case, he must clearly state what amounts to his entire family's annual income. Will be is there a default in Russia? 2) in the event of a default, the state will support the financial well-being of its citizens by distributing a large number of "liabilities". Declare a state of emergency and prepare for a prolonged economic crisis.Take into account the fact that 90% of Russians do not have a working or passive income at all (that is, they receive all their income without making any savings).And if you are one of them, then be financially literate and have a "financial cushion" that you can use in a difficult moment.If you're not ready to take any risks, then don't worry about it. I'll wait for the second default. Will be is there a default in Russia? 3) in Event of a default, the state guarantees 90% of salaries of employees of all levels. And 90% of Russians do not have a working or passive income at all (that is, they receive all their income without making any savings).Therefore, you should not even consider taking out a loan to buy a property. In a crisis, people are ready to give their working salaries even if it means losing your job. And you, as an investor, should understand that your money is worth more than ever before. (And this should surprise no one — after all, experts have repeatedly proven that debt can be eliminated only by competent investments.) What to do in a crisis? 1) Stay calmAnd stay safe. Be mentally prepared for the worst (hopefully).2) Buy what's offered at a discountThe fact is that in every crisis, both stock indices and the dollar exchange rate fall.Therefore, do not hesitate to choose the "cheapest" shares available.This will allow you to use the market's "cheap air" — and buy shares at their price. the lowest price possible without worrying about delays due to the fact that the