4 reasons why you're always "broke" and always "with empty pockets.

Why do people complain endlessly about low salaries, chronic lack of money and everything that life throws in its path?Not surprisingly, they start to draw conclusions from this and try to find a "magic pill" for the "insanity of life".This article contains 4 such reasons that doom us to an empty wallet and an ever-empty wallet (even with a 10-year pension).4 reasons why you're always "broke" and always "with empty pockets:1) You "push" money away from yourselfIMPORTANT! This is not about some mystical secret that you should "purge" yourself from the "evil self" and "raise hell" in your wallet.This is about our tendency to live one day after another, taking everything with us. And money is just another "product" that we buy. Yes, of course, some of us "pull" money out of ourselves. But this is not a reason to get off the sofa and "slide" to the kitchen, where you can hear the wind of change in the room.2) You "push" money away from your friends and colleagues.No wonder they are so scared!After all, if you have not yet mastered the "financial" literacy, then some events will have occurred in your life that were not included in the initial course of action. on the initial investment. Think about it — who will have been your friend or colleague, and where will have been your workplace, and what will you do once a month (or every day) from now? 3) You "push" money away from your family.Yes, I agree, this is a little harsh. After all, if you do not have enough money, then your own hands are tied. The same applies to relationships: if you have a low income, then your "friend" is not a friend. The money either runs away or is "burned" by you.4) You "push" money away from your savings.You must understand that without savings, you will not survive long. Even if you have a good "financial cushion" and investments, not everything will change much.It is on this road that all the riches are hidden. And you have found them — by completing the second step of the article (and by eliminating the first two reasons for your chronic lack of money).Are you ready to take these two steps?1) Put yourself in my shoes.You may not have been born rich, but you certainly have a lot of them! The first step is to understand that you can't control such events as: your life (your fate and the fate of your family's future) ;your boss (his or her policies, your level of career development, etc. economic factors);the size of your salary or the level